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    Using Domino IMAP with Outlook 2013

    David Clover  29 March 2014 12:02:40
    Long-standing IBM Domino/Notes users (and probably CEOs keen to spend a vast sum of money getting rid of Notes in favour of more complex, expensive and inflexible workflow systems) often complain that 'you can't use Outlook if you have Notes'. It's not true, though there will always be an issue with calendar functions as things stand now. You can't integrate them as you can with an Exchange server.

    We have an IMAP service running on our IBM Domino 9.0.1 server (and we've had it on all previous versions) and it works pretty well. I have used Domino's IMAP protocol successfully with MS Outlook with all versions since Office 2003, and possibly earlier, with success.

    However, we have some bad news when using IMAP with MS Outlook version 2013. In this version, although the Domino Mail 'Trash' folder is detected and included in the folder tree, it turns out that you can't specify Domino's IMAP 'Trash' folder in Outlook 2013 for deleted items. Outlook 2013 creates its own called 'Deleted Items' which means that you have to keep on dipping back to the full desktop Notes client (or INotes web client) to empty the Trash. In fact you first have to move the items in 'Deleted Items' in the Notes client and then use the 'Empty Trash' command to actually get rid of the messages.

    The Mozilla Thunderbird client seems fine - it sensibly regards the 'Trash' folder on the server as the 'Deleted' folder. Outlook 2013 doesn't so this though. It's a a retrograde step for Outlook 2013 as it will affect connection to other mail servers too - there has been discussion in a Micrsoft forum about this bad behaviour in Outlook 2013


    1Pierre   30/03/2014 01:08:11  Using Domino IMAP with Outlook 2013

    IBM has a plugin that allows outlook 2013 to hook to Domino using a traveler like method. They were showing it at IBM Connect 2014

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