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    Quick Survey Requirement met using XPages

    David Clover  26 April 2013 12:11:44
    We were asked to put together quickly a survey form which will be used in-house to collect details relating to 'External Events' requesting the levels of support required for them.

    The survey form had a number of 'conditional' elements - some dialogue boxes were to appear only when certain checkbox options were chosen by the respondent. Some single questions had single 'radio button' choices and some single questions had a requirement for multiple check boxes to indicate preferences. The whole had to be secure and visible to a respondent only after logging in to our Campus authentication system (which we call SAMS) and it had to recognise the user to allow the form-filling to proceed.

    My colleague, Jef Lay, assembled an suitable form within a day using standard XPages controls. The form will collect the data and a separate view just accessible to the requestor will show responses and allow download of the responses into an Excel format for subsequent manipulation.

    There was no comparable option available at short notice and once again we've proved how efficient and versatile the Domino XPages model is when it comes to working with web-enabled environments.

    Here's a snapshot of the form which is also visible at our Website to internal staff.

    Image:Quick Survey Requirement met using XPages

    1Sean Cull  26/04/2013 15:10:04  Quick Survey Requirement met using XPages

    There is also an OpenNTF project although the admin is all done in classic notes

    { Link }

    2David Clover  26/04/2013 15:55:51  Quick Survey Requirement met using XPages

    #1 Thanks Sean for the heads-up and reminder about the project. I did look at this quite a while ago, and it's one to keep an eye on.

    I vaguely remember finding that it didn't turn out to be quite as easy to implement as I'd hoped, but it has moved on since then I'm sure. OpenNTF is a superbly useful source of ideas and contacts.

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