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    Forward to the past - Word for Windows 1.1a

    David Clover  28 March 2014 15:43:45
    I was astonished to see that in my last few days working here (or probably anywhere), the original source code for Word for Windows 1.1a (1989) has just been released for download. This won't of course give you a free copy to use - it is just the original program code that was compiled into the commercially sold program.

    By 1989 I was a veteran of Word for DOS (released 1983) which we used (and which I had taught people to use) from 1987 onwards. In particular, we made substantial use of Word's excellent 'Style Sheets' to achieve structured authoring of our many teaching documents and manuals. You can see more about the early DOS Word at ToastyTech. It was well ahead of the earlier software we had used 'WordMarc' (aka 'MUSE').

    The arrival of Word for Windows 1.1a was eagerly anticipated and we were not disappointed. In particular its automation features using a macro language and 'Fields' now collected and still eminently usable under Word's 'Quick Parts' label allowed undreamed of flexibility in designing documents and workflow.

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