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    Applying thousands of redirection rules to inbound messages in Domino

    David Clover  17 December 2013 13:02:57
    We have a system which sends out emails when there's an issue with responses to the monitoring of assessment activity related to students and tutors. A few years ago, we created a very simple but effective rules parser in our IBM Domino system based on a standard mail template. This looks at around 6100 rules relating to the content of the subject in the email (there is a small number of message types but these have to be related to other criteria as well which means 39 rules for each course title across 13 possible centres) and then resends the message to the appropriate place.
    Image:Applying thousands of redirection rules to inbound messages in Domino

    Now we have to adjust this system slightly because we have new types of contracts relating to the monitoring activity and therefore we need to create supplementary rules as to where the diagnostic messages should be sent in future.

    So we are going to add a new table and design an algorithm in conjunction with our internal client for a secondary look-up to make sure these messages go to the correct person in our 'new' contractual environment.

    Because of the superb flexibility inherent in the Domino system we are hoping to install and test this in a working day.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what our team can do with this one.
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