David Clover


    If THIS then THAT

    David Clover  14 September 2011 10:55:49
    Such a simple idea, but one that ought to get a lot of interest quite quickly.

    The construction of conditional programming statements is how all programs work and have worked since the dawn of the computer age, but in the new social world of the internet, there's a new and free tool that lets you create links between elements of social networking such as Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest of those useful but so far largely unlinked tools.

    This may be a force for good - or indeed a force for creating evil clutter and muddle across the 'Social Space' of the Internet - much will depend on how it's used.

    But it's certainly worth a look - and it may become big - perhaps indispensable - very quickly. You can read about it in various blogs across the world. There's a good summary at Webmonkey or you can take a look on Google.

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